Thursday, April 21, 2016

That Perfect God-Shaped Hole

I just finished reading God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo.  To be more precise, I just finished wiping away tears that fell helplessly down my face after reading God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo.  I started it yesterday, had it running in the back of my mind all day at work today, and then could not put it down until I finished it just now.  I have a pit in my stomach--a glorious, gnawing pit in my stomach.  I complain frequently, mostly to myself, that I never meet people who are real enough, feel enough, appreciate enough, realize enough, dig deep enough or who see how those things are Everything to me.  With this book, I felt like I met people I have been longing to meet or to remember from my past, in this life or some other.  I might be forced to begin re-reading it really soon just to re-absorb the feelings it aroused in me, even though I think it did leave me with a God-shaped hole, or reminded me of one I already have.  Thank you, Tiffanie DeBartolo for letting such a beautiful story pour out of you.  Thank you for stirring up shards and loves and wisps inside of me that needed prodding.  Life is bigger and more glorious than we remember to give it credit for on most days, especially Wednesdays.  Who thinks to appreciate the really important subtle things on Wednesdays?  But this.  This book is memorable.  This particular Wednesday is now very special.  I want to scream to someone that they must read it.  Now.  But I won't scream it anywhere to anyone.  I'll just quietly put it here, where words are King.  And maybe those who should read it will read this and then they will.