Saturday, January 25, 2014

That Perfect Book That Makes You Feel Something Deeply

I have that not-sure-what-to-do-with-myself-feeling as reality slowly fades back in.  And, as that is the case, I am turning to my old blog to tell faceless you about how and why I find myself in this state.  I just began a book today that pulled me in so deeply that I also finished it today.  This particular story has me feeling hyper-aware of my mortality.  It has me focused on the tragedies and celebrations I have already experienced and those I cannot yet foresee.  It has me feeling thankful for the loves in my life, from the grandest to the smallest, the longest to the shortest, the longstanding and the fleeting.  It has me realizing how much more patience with others I have gained from my own struggles with my painful, long-standing shoulder issues that have impacted my ability to be the super-human I used to imagine myself as being.  It reminds me how much I appreciate intelligence and quick wit.  It has me appreciating the quiet-only-you-and-I-understand-looks,-sighs,-and-metaphors I have shared with others through the years.  It has me in awe of how deeply we humans feel.         

Front Cover

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