Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That Perfect Sleepy Sad Day Album

That Perfect Sleepy Sad Day Album. I am more often that not drawn to this kind of music, so it's incredibly hard for me to narrow this down. Exceedingly difficult. I figure, though, if I use specific adjectives that describe this album but do not limit my future naming of That Perfect ___ ___ Album(s) (which may also strike certain emotional chords on some other days), then I'm safe enough.

When you've had a rough day, and you really want to sleep, but you can't sleep so well... when your muscles just won't let go, and your eyes are meaninglessly open. When your heart feels a little sad, but you aren't sure why. When you long for something, but you aren't sure what. When you vividly remember things and forget some others. When you feel less than perfect. When you want to be moved. Listen to That Perfect Sleepy Sad Day Album. 9 by Damien Rice. In some ways it isn't as strong or as striking as O, Damien's first album (which made me cry time and time again when I first heard it), but 9 seriously grows on you. Where O ought to be on some best album of all time list, 9 is the one I want to write about today. Nine Crimes, Sleep Don't Weep, Elephant, and Accidental Babies are especially moving. Amazing songs. And Rootless Tree is great turned up loud, yet it still feels sad. Sometimes sadness is worth celebrating. It's part of life, after all.

I originally had a link to Amazon so you could listen to short snippets of songs from the album, but I decided that the snippets simply did not do the sublime songs on this album justice. Go buy it.

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