Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That Perfect Stroller

I am not sure how many of you in my readership have kiddos, especially kiddos who are stroller-age, but I just can't help myself. When I was pregnant with my son, we researched strollers (along with every other baby necessity... looking for That Perfect everything...), and we were seeking a stroller that would (1) allow for the car seat to snap into it so as not to disturb our little one if possible, (2) be sturdy, and (3) be easily foldable/packable into the car. Oh, and cute also entered into my calculations. We ended up with this:

It's the Peg Perego Revi in orange with cute little polka dots. We also had the matching car seat that snapped into it. The trouble was, figuring out which lever or button did what was utterly confusing. It was actually overwhelming. When we took it for strolls, which a stroller is supposedly built for, it would catch on sidewalk cracks, sticks, and practically leaves, breezes, and small anthills. Really, the thing cost a lot of money, and I was just annoyed that we'd wasted our money on it. It was cute, but that was not enough. Additionally, getting the car seat snapped safely into it would inevitably wake up the baby, and was more of a pain to do than to just carry the car seat by its handle. Plus, turning around, and even simple turning, even on the smooth concrete floor of a mall, were clumsy endeavors. So, this very expensive but cute stroller sat in the back of our car gathering dust.

We finally wised up and bought a new stroller: That Perfect Stroller. What is That Perfect Stroller you ask? Well, a Bob, of course! It is a stroller of which all other strollers should be jealous. Seriously, this thing is amazing. It turns on a dime and glides over any surface (including the bumpiest of sidewalks, stairs, grassy hills... you name it). I can also fold it up and get it in the car in about 5 seconds - literally (it barely weighs more than 20 pounds, and it folds in half - that's it). All the key parts you need to (1) buckle the child in and (2) fold it up are red so you can't miss the important little pieces when you need to find them. The tires are like bike tires -- smooth and agile and can be aired up to perfection. It's also got large storage spots, so we can always have plenty of books, toys, and snacks at our disposal to keep our little boy entertained, and there's still room for my shopping bags and drinks for Mom & Dad, too. I've even seen someone in my neighborhood taking a stroll with her Bob with a car seat sitting in it -- we didn't have ours when our son was too young to be buckled in, but from the looks of it, they're pretty adaptable for even the smallest kiddos, too, who prefer to stay in their car seats outside of the car. Our Bob has a front wheel that locks in place if you want it to (for jogging), or it can be mobile for more agility and ease of turning. I really love this stroller. If you're in the market, it's a purchase you will absolutely not regret. In my neighborhood, which is overflowing with trees, kids, dogs, and a great park, you see more Bobs than any other strollers around here. And, I can honestly say, they're the most popular stroller for very good reasons. Others just don't compare. Here's ours - it's the Bob Revolution.

And here's the website for That Perfect Stroller:

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