Thursday, May 6, 2010

That Perfect Fancy Shoe

I simply cannot rave enough about Fluevogs. I have had crushes on so many pairs of Fluevogs and still do -- on the ones I have and many that I don't (yet...). I never understood why there are so many boring shoes walking around. It's so unnecessary when there are so many interesting shoes out there.

I've attached pictures of a few I'm currently drooling over. Not only do these look utterly fabulous, all of the Fluevogs I've ever worn are very comfortable (for heels anyway). I used to wear Birkenstocks and flip flops exclusively when I had jobs where I had to stand all day long (still wear them sometimes, of course, for pure comfort's sake), but now that I have to dress up for work, I've had to expand my footwear. If you've got to wear heels, at least make them cool.

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