Monday, May 10, 2010

That Perfect Salsa

Amongst my nearest and dearest, I have become known for my salsa. Not dancing... the tomatoey loveliness that you eat on chips. People request that I make it for all kinds of functions and dinners. I literally never tire of good salsa. I am surprised this wasn't my first blog post, as a matter of fact.

Well, here it is - the recipe for That Perfect Salsa:

1 14 oz. can of tomatoes (buy the generic brand -- better than the costlier ones)
1 decent sized fistful of fresh cilantro
the juice of 1/2 of a lime
a very large garlic clove
1/2 of a poblano pepper
1/2 to 2 jalapenos or serranos (Depending upon how hot they are... I always make my husband try the peppers to gauge the level of their pain inducing heat. If they're too hot, they give him the hiccups almost immediately. In such a case, only 1/2 of the jalapeno or serrano. If he gives me a bored expression and a shoulder shrug, I may throw in a whole one or two of the "hot" peppers. Regardless, I always include the 1/2 poblano so that it still maintains a peppery flavor.)
salt to taste
(I used to add a smidge of white onion or shallot; however, lately, I've found that it makes the salsa too sweet and overwhelms the other flavors after the salsa has had some time to mingle with itself in the fridge, so I've been cutting this out.)

Blend in blender until the chunks are all gone.

That Perfect Salsa is best served immediately. And, though I considered drafting a separate post for That Perfect Tortilla Chip to accompany That Perfect Salsa, I'll just include them here - Xochitl Chips are the bomb.


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