Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That Perfect Sofa

Although it's not too often that people are in the market for a new sofa, this one is so fabulous, I think it deserves a post. I have this sofa -- bought it last year after we bought our house. The photo is my That Perfect Sofa, in action. We sat on sofa after sofa after sofa all over Dallas, and when we nuzzled our bums into this one at our local Z Gallerie, we immediately fell in love. I think they were running a sale at the time, too, which made it that much more perfect. This sofa is stuffed to the brim with feathers, and your body just melts into it. And, you can seat four across it comfortably (our other couch, though comfortable of course, feels a little awkward with three). I've always believed, steadfastly I might add, that furniture must be COMFORTABLE, without exception. I am always astounded at how uncomfortable so much furniture is... beds and couches, especially, ought to cuddle you and not make you want to get up - ever. This sofa does just that.

Here's where you can get yours:

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